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Anthem Submits New Non-Binding Proposal To Acquire Cigna

Today, Anthem (NYSE: ANTM) submitted a non-binding proposal to acquire Cigna Corporation (NYSE: CI) for $184 per share.  This follows much dialogue and multiple buyout offers from Anthem.  

Read Today's Press Release from Anthem

For sure gone:      Assurant Health (12/31/15 RIP)

Likely gone:          Cigna, Humana

On the ropes:       Aetna

1 1/2 years in and the attrition is scary.  

Mergers and Such: You Can't Tell The Players Without a Program

When I was a kid we used to go to the ballpark for baseball games and always, always, the barker would be shouting "Get your programs, get your programs here.  You can't tell the players without a program".  I think I'm having a deja vu.

If I have this right, it looks like the following.......

Assurant Health is for-sale-by-owner to any buyer Aetna wants to acquire Humana, who is exploring a sale, but...........United Health wants to acquire Aetna (would that deal include Humana?)Anthem wants to merge with Cigna, both of which have been looking at buying HumanaThe Anthem talks for Cigna also show that the next deal in the industry won’t necessarily be a sale of Humana, as many industry watchers expected. Indeed, if Anthem and Cigna were to get together, that would remove two possible buyers of Humana, which could leave it with only one major merger partner, Aetna, which itself now is a takeover target.

Read the entire article here


Assurant Health Announces the End of Operations

Elvis has left the building.  123 years is a long time. Reminds me of my days in financial services whenever a rep would leave the office they would send out the "your representative (insert name here) has chosen to pursue other career interests" letter.  

Assurant, Inc., has concluded the review of its health business and will exit the Individual Medical, Small Group Fully Insured and Short Term Medical markets.
The last day for sales of these products will be June 15, 2015. The wind down of these product lines will begin immediately and we expect to substantially complete the exit by the end of 2016. The company will meet all claims, benefits, provider payments and agent commission responsibilities during this transition.

Good luck, Assurant.