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Anthem Blue Cross CA To Add Paramedical Exam Requirement

Effective 6/15/2011, Anthem Blue Cross California will begin requiring (and paying for) a paramedical exam for certain applicants. This is a new requirement, however it has been done in the past but at the applicant's expense. Now it will be paid for by Anthem Blue Cross.

The following situations will require a paramedical examination paid by Anthem Blue Cross CA:

1. Applicants 55 years or older who have not seen a doctor in 24 months or more;

2. Applicants 30-54 years old who have not seen a doctor in 5 years or more

Situations like this are fairly uncommon although I have seen a few cases where the new paramedical exam would apply. The good news is that the applicant no longer will have to pay for the exam themselves!


Dave (