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Health Net CA Special Enrollment For Anthem Grandfathered Plan Members

Health Net of California is offering a Special Enrollment window for grandfathered Anthem Blue Cross individual and family plan members impacted by the 4/1 rate increase.

Anthem grandfathered individual and family plan members can move to any available Health Net individual and family plan from now until the March 31st application deadline. These plans are guaranteed-issue with no medical underwriting. Availability varies by rating area.

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Blue Shield CA F Extra Medicare Supplement Underwriting Holiday!

Blue Shield of California is offering transfers to their Medicare Supplement F Extra with no medical underwriting through April 15th 2019.

Transfers are available to California Medicare Members currently enrolled in any letter Medicare Supplement Plan (A-N) with Blue Shield or with any other insurance carrier.  

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Plan F Extra includes...

Standard Plan F Medicare Supplement
Vision Benefits
Hearing Benefits
Silver Sneakers
24/7 Nurse Hotline
Personal Emergency Response System

Are Patients Abusing The Healthcare System?

Interesting conversation on a recent Stefan Molyneux call-in show with someone who works in a hospital emergency room.  

For me, two schools of thought:

1.  Certainly some Medicaid recipients are abusing the system
2.  Certainly some Medicaid recipients believe that they can only get quality healthcare by using the ER

I have not been to an emergency room in many years so I can't speak to the conditions first-hand.  However, I have heard that ERs can be quite overcrowded and chaotic at times.  


The Middle Class Squeeze - Are Unsubsidized Rates Affordable?

Remember this?

2019 Family Plan Rates 

The bottom two plans are each carrier's respective PPO Plans for 2019


Some California Obamacare Alternatives For 2019

While some health insurance plans have been eliminated by the CA legislature (short-term limited duration health insurance), there are still options available at lower premium cost than ACA plans.

I do not recommend purchasing these health plans as a substitute for a comprehensive ACA health plan.

Health Sharing Ministry

Health Sharing Ministry Plans have been exempt from the Obamacare mandate since the ACA was signed into law.  These plans a faith-based sharing plans and are not insurance plans.  Costs are shared among the members enrolled in the program.  I expect these sharing plans to continue into 2019 and beyond.  We prefer Aliera Healthcare sharing for their wide variety of heatlh share plan choices, that Aliera is not a strict denomination-based ministry, and that Aliera uses the Multiplan PHCS PPO network.  More info...

Fixed Benefit Health Insurance

The go-to alternative for some to replace short-term health insurance.  Fixed Benefit Health Plans are not limited duration and can …

2019 California ACA Open Enrollment Starts Today

The 2019 California Obamacare Open Enrollment Period has begun.  Open Enrollment will run from October 15th through January 15th.  

Enrollments for January 1 effective dates must be completed by December 15th.  Enrollments from December 16th through January 15th will receive a February 1st effective date.

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Early Renewal Starts Today. Open Enrollment Starts 10/15

California Obamacare early renewals begin today.  You can renew your current health plan for 2019 starting today.    

California Open Enrollment Period begins October 15th and ends January 15th.  You can purchase a health plan or change you insurance company and plan during the open enrollment period.  

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