California vs TrumpCare

Changes being made by the Trump Administration with regard to the ACA (ObamaCare) are not going over well in California.  

To date, the administration has extended short-term health insurance to 12 months, eliminated the tax penalty for not having compliant health insurance, allowed for the creation of AHPs (Association Health Plans) and floated the idea of decreasing the MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) from 80%.

California is insistent that the ACA and Covered CA will be the marketplace.

There are currently several bills on the Governor's desk awaiting signature to thwart the changes made by the Trump Administration.

Senate Bill 910
Would prohibit insurers from selling, renewing or offering short-term health plans in California.

Senate Bill 1108
Would allow California to seek waivers from the federal government to increase enrollment in Medi-Cal, the low-income health care program. It would also ban the state from requiring anyone on Medi-Cal to work in order to receive benefits. Kentucky this year attempted to add work requirements to the state’s Medicaid program, but a judge blocked the action.

Senate Bill 1375
Would prohibit individuals from forming “association health plans,” which are not required to comply with Obamacare coverage mandates.

Assembly Bill 2499
Would require health plans to spend at least 80 percent of premium dollars on health care. The Trump administration has floated increasing the ratio insurers are allowed to spend on profits and administrative care.





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