SB 910 Final Read - Would Make Short-Term Health Insurance Illegal In CA

UPDATE 8/15/18: SB 910 was scheduled for third reading 8/14 item #41 but was not read as amended.  Now scheduled item #113 for 8/16 third reading.  Assembly is adjourned until Thursday 8/16.  No idea if this will get third read this week or at all.  

UPDATE 8/10/18: SB 910 Third Reading was amended and sent for third reading again on Monday, August 13th.   

Item #157 on today's CA Assembly events list is the third and final read of SB 910.

SB 910 would make the sale of short-term health insurance illegal in California beginning January 1, 2019.

There is a lot on the Assembly schedule so not sure if this will get done today.

SB 910 has already passed the CA Senate and, if passed by Assembly, would go to the Governor for signature into law.