Breaking Down CA SB 910

California SB 910 is again up for third read in the Assembly.  It is item #151 on the 8/16 docket.  As this thing moves around one wonders if it will ever come up for a vote?

SB 910 consists of 13 sections that deal with different and specific health insurance issues in California.  Here is a (very) brief summary:

1.   Mental Health Benefit ID card requirements
2.   Mental Health Benefit website requirements
3.   Health Insurance rate change notification and approval requirements
4.   Short-Term Health Insurance outlawed in California beginning 1/1/19 
5.   Orthodic & Prosthetic devices & requirements
6.   Mammography and related services
7.   Maternity coverage for individual & family plans
8.   Maternity coverage for group health plans
9.   Mental Health Benefit ID cards (seems to duplicate #1)
10. Mental Health Benefit website requirements (seems to duplicate #2)
11. Referral requirements on health plans regarding reproductive/sexual health
12. Renewability requirements for individual & family health plans
13. Definitions of various insurance products

You can view the most recent amended version of SB 910 here

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