Innovative F Health Net Medicare Supplement Launches August 1st in California

Health Net of California has announced the rollout of a new Medicare Supplement Plan.  

Available beginning with August 1 start dates, Health Net will offer their Innovative F Supplement in California.  Earlier this year, Anthem Blue Cross introduced their Innovative F plan.  Health Net's plan marks the second "Innovative" Medicare Supplement in California.

One huge difference between the two Innovative F plans--unlike Anthem's plan, Health Net's Innovative F is available to upgrade from your Plan F to Innovative Plan F during California's "Birthday Rule" Guarantee Issue Period.   Health Net considers Innovative Plan F an "equal benefit" plan compared to Plan F.

Health Net Innovative F offers additional hearing and vision benefits that include:

    • Routine Hearing Exam - One Hearing Exam every 12 months
    • Hearing Aid(s) - includes fitting evaluation. $1000 benefit maximum for two hearing aids (one pair) or $500 for one hearing aid
    • Routine Eye Exam - One Vision Exam every 12 months
    • Eyewear - Up to $250 allowance for frame and lens package once every 24 months or contact lens once every 12 months.
The Innovative F also includes the Silver&Fit gym membership program which is similar to SilverSneakers.  

Health Net has increased the "New To Medicare" discount from $15 to $20 per month for the first 12 months and Innovative F is also eligible for this discount.  



  1. Are there any annual out-of-pocket maximums on these plans? I've read an article health net medicare supplement plans and its says, there's none. Kindly help


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