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Anthem CA 2018 Small Group Promotion Begins July 1st

Anthem Blue Cross (CA) has announced the relaxation of rules with regard to small employer group coverage beginning with July 1st enrollments.  Promotion runs through December 15th enrollments.

The biggest change?  Anthem will now allow your employees covered under individual & family health plans ON or OFF exchange a valid participation waiver.  Your employees with individual coverage will no longer be forced to drop that coverage in favor of your group health plan to meet group participation requirements.

Relaxation of participation requirements.  Anthem will allow groups with 5 or more enrolled subscribers to meet a mere 25% participation requirement.  Groups 1-4 enrolled subscribers is also reduced from 70% to 65% participation requirement.

Specialty Dental will receive a 24-month rate guarantee if enrolled by December 15th, 2018.