Beware Medicare ID Card Scams

As with anything new, there are those who will find a way to take advantage of people to line their own pockets.  Such is the case with the new Medicare ID cards.  New cards are scheduled to be sent in waves with California beginning in May, 2018.

As reported by The Motley Fool earlier this month, scammers are using two techniques to obtain personal and private information from vulnerable seniors.  Two basic techniques that are being used are - 

1.  Telephone calls claiming to be from Medicare requesting seniors pay a fee for their new ID card (claim it's not free which is not true) and,

2.  Telephone calls claiming to be from Medicare requesting personal and banking information for verification in order to get your new ID card from Medicare.

No doubt there will be more attempts and techniques employed in these phishing schemes.  

It is important to remember that Medicare will never call you to obtain any personal, financial or private information (just like the IRS).  Medicare does not charge any fee or assess any cost for ID cards.  

Please be careful and never give out personal information to anyone you don't know.  Your new Medicare ID Card will contain an encrypted ID number replacing the use of Social Security Number.