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Anthem Blue Cross Discontinuation Notifications Delayed

From Anthem Blue Cross (CA) today.  California health plan discontinuation notifications will be delayed.  

"We're coordinating with Covered California to ensure members know all of their options"

Notices will be mailed out late September or early October.   Open enrollment begins on November 1st with early renewal period beginning October 1st.  

Don't wait for your notification to start planning your decision for 2018.  Shoot me an e-mail or give me a call to start reviewing your options.  


Healthy California Schoolhouse Rock Part Deux

Healthy California recently released their second 'schoolhouse rock' styled video titled "Something Better Than Before".  

SB 562 is currently stalled in Assembly and will be part of the special session after September 15th when the California Assembly will take up solutions/options for universal coverage.  

In the meantime, enjoy the video 


Cigna Leaving California Individual Market for 2018

Cigna has notified agents and subscribers of its intent to discontinue individual and family health insurance in California at the end of the year,

Citing instability in the health insurance market, Cigna will not offer health insurance coverage to individuals and families in California in 2018,  Additionally, those currently covered by Cigna health plans will have their coverage discontinued on January 1st and will be unable to renew coverage in 2018.

This decision, combined with Anthem Blue Cross' decision to exit most of the California individual market (16 of 19 rating areas) may cause disruption and force members to scramble for replacement coverage that includes their medical providers.

For 2018, PPO plans will be available only from Blue Shield statewide and Health Net in selected areas.  

If you are affected by the Cigna or Anthem withdrawals, please don't hesitate to contact me to help find a suitable replacement plan for next year.  


Anthem Blue Cross Leaving Most California Rating Areas in 2018

Anthem Blue Cross California will be closing their individual & family ACA policies in 16 of the 19 California rating areas.  Anthem will remain available only in three areas, northern counties, central valley (Stockon-Merced area), and Santa Clara County.  

Plans will not be available to purchase nor renew in all other areas.  This action applies to both Covered CA plans as well as off-exchange private market plans.  

This action does not apply to Group Employer Plans, Medicare Plans (Medigap and Advantage) or grandfathered individual & family health plans.