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Health Net CA Individual Plans Approved!

Health Net CA has announced this morning that they have received regulatory approval to sell their new January 1 plans to individuals & families.

Health Net CA (not including the Farm Bureau) will only be offering 3 total individual health plans for January 2011. These include:

*HMO 40
*ValueNet PPO
*Optimum Advantage HSA PPO

That's it folks. I have the rates and paper applications available for use until the online quoting and application system goes live for these plans.

Dave (

Anthem CA Quote Upload Available Today (New Plans)

The Anthem Blue Cross CA quoting and application system has been uploaded and is currently quoting the new approved individual & family health plans for 2011 (PPACA-compliant).

The new plans quoting include:

*Tonik 5000 PPO
*Premium Plus PPO (six deductible choices)
*PPO Share 3500, 5000 and 7500
*HMO plans

You can get quotes for the current plans via my link

Lumenos HSA plans will not be available for online quoting until approximately January 20, 2011. For more information on Lumenos HSA, send me an e-mail as I have the rates available at this time.

Plans still pending CDI approval are

*Core Guard PPO
*SmartSense PPO
*Clear Protection PPO
*some Lumenos PPO & HSA

Dave (

Child Only Health Insurance California 2011 -Anthem Blue Cross Live Blog

I am blogging this live while attending an Anthem Blue Cross conference call. Important news concerning Child-only health insurance coverage in California beginning January 1, 2011 for children under 19.

Per CA AB 2244, children may apply for coverage without a parent being a co-applicant during certain periods. This includes both healthy children and children with pre-existing conditions who need guaranteed-issue coverage. Children receiving guaranteed-issue coverage can be rated up in premium (as of today) but cannot be declined.

The enrollment periods will be as follows:

*January 1,2011 - March 1, 2011 Open Enrollment Period
*The Birthday Month of the Child (regardless of which day in the month)

Outside of these open enrollment windows, children will not be able to apply for coverage on child-only coverage policies. Outside of the open enrollment or birthday month, children will only be allowed to apply with a parent as co-applicant (and the parent must be approved for coverage for the …

Anthem Blue Cross CA Partial Plan Release 12/10

Anthem Blue Cross has announced that a portion of the health plans held up for approval by the CDI (California Dept of Insurance) have been approved and are available for sale today.

In addition to the 3 HMO plans and PPO Share 3500 and 7500 which were previously approved for sale, the following plans are now available today for quoting and applications:

Premier Plus PPO (1000, 1500, 2500, 3500, 5000 and 6000 deductibles)
Lumenos HSA PPO 1500 (non-maternity)
Lumenos HSA 5000 (with maternity)
Tonik 5000 PPO
PPO Share 5000
PPO Share 1000

Anthem has indicated that plan online quotes and applications for the new plans will be available Saturday, 12/18 and after.

Quotes and plan summaries can be found on my Anthem Plan Finder
Click on "Get Quotes" under "individuals & families" and it will open the planfinder in a new window.

Still pending are:

SmartSense Plus
Core Guard Plus
Clear Protection Plus
Lumenos Plus

MLR and Agent Commission (and the future) California

As many of you may have heard, the health insurance carriers have begun announcing commission reductions to agents due to MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) requirements under PPACA. Blue Shield CA just left us all a nice voicemail this evening (after business hours BTW) about commission cuts. The average for an agent is approximately 50% pay cut in 2011 (starting in 3 weeks).

No doubt that is going to hurt and it is possible many agents (especially newer agents) will leave the health insurance business. Veteran agents may be able to withstand the slash on new business compensation because of a large client base of older business which will be, at least for now, uneffected by the cuts.

I have observed in the last few days an attempt by agents, insurance carriers and organizations that train, recruit or mentor agents, to justify this going forward. To the extent that reduced earnings on health insurance would allow fewer agents to achieve higher potential production at lower commission (the overal…