Obama Authorizes Extension of Non-Grandfathered Individual Plans for One Year

This morning President Obama announced that the administration will allow insurers to extend non-grandfathered individual & family plans for one year out to 2015.  This is in relation to the rash of required cancellation notices of non-grandfathered health plans that have been all over the news.

He left it up to each state's Insurance Commissioner to determine which plans could be sold in the state and also the insurer to determine if the carrier will provide the extended option for the non-grandfathered health plan.

We will have to wait a bit for both Dave Jones and the health insurers in California to announce what they plan to do with regard to non-grandfathered health plans that currently terminate sometime between 12/31/13 and 3/31/14.

I will advise as soon as I receive any official information from any carrier or from the CA Dept of Insurance.



  1. This is totally bogus, and giving false hope to millions with canceled polices.

    Obama is "allowing" the insurance companies to extend the policies into 2014. There is no requirement that the insurance companies extend the polices they canceled. Let the blame game begin. Obama will be able to blame the insurance companies when the insurance companies do not extend the policies.

  2. Covered California decided yesterday not to allow a release of the obligation for exchange carriers to terminate non-grandfathered coverage 12/31/13 as per the exchange health plan solicitation


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