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Covered CA Certified Agents - How To Get To Your Account, Agent Number & Dashboard

Because I'm a nice guy and I'm hearing that many CA agents don't know how to get to their profile/dashboard/account on Covered CA once they have been certified, I wanted to post how to do it.  Covered CA will not advise you of the steps to access your agent # or certification #.

Once you have completed training and the final exam, and have provided the signed contract pages and E&O and all of that to Covered CA, the following steps:

Before I forget, you need to use Internet Explorer for part b as it won't work on Chrome nor Safari (I didn't try Firefox but heard that it won't work either).  You will also need your original log in username and password from when you originally registered with Covered CA back in August (not your learning center log in) so I hope everyone kept that log in information from the registration.


1.  Go to and click on the start button
2.  Once the Calheers screen comes up, click on the "find help near you' link at the top and do a name or zip code search and see if you have been uploaded into the system.
3.  Once your name and profile appear as uploaded in the system, go to step B below


4.  Using IE, got back to and click on the start button
5.  When the Calheers screen comes up, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Go to Enrollment Counselor Homepage" link under Certified Enrollment Counselor and Insurance Agents
6.  That will take you to a log in screen and you have to use your log in that you set up initially back in August when you first registered with Covered California.  (This only works with internet explorer, if you use chrome or safari it will just spin and never log in)
7.  Log in with your original log in from your initial registration and it will take you to your broker dashboard (
8.  Click on the "Account" tab at the top  then on the drop down menu select "Certification Status"
9  This screen will provide both your Covered CA Agent Number and your Certification Number.

As your dashboard contains e-mail inbox and will also be the location where any leads from Covered CA are delivered to you, you need to check this daily.

Anyway, this is how you get to your agent dashboard and obtain your Covered CA Agent # and Certification #.  



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