Covered California Agent Certification and Rules

New information provided recently by Michael Lujan of Covered California as it pertains to agent/broker certification to sell exchange plans.

Initial exchange certification training for agents will be sometime in September with an August registration sign-up period.  The initial training will be classroom only training, there will be no online training program available until sometime in November at the earliest.  Agents wishing to certify with Covered California will have to sign up for and attend an 8-hour classroom training and pass an exam at the end of the class.  CE credits are intended to be made available for the class.

Additionally, a second online training segment for the CalHEERS program (helps determine subsidy eligibility and enrollment choices) will need to be completed after the classroom training and will be from 2-4 hours online.

Agents are looking at approximately 12 hours of training to certify with Covered California.

The exchange will provide certified agents with a "good housekeeping" logo/symbol to use on marketing materials indicating that the agent is a Covered California Certified Agent.  



  1. Thank you for this information Sir Dave, at least it is very clear now we have knew more about your Insurance company. For me, its is really advantage in each company agencies to have insurance agent websites or even blogs so that many people and netizens can have information's in every company.

  2. It is now October, where can I go to get certified as Covered CA Agent?

    Marcela Hackworth


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