Beware ObamaCare Scams

As we move closer to the initial open enrollment, it is important to be aware of the current and potential scammers out there who will use ObamaCare to try and obtain your personal information and/or money.

Because it has not yet been clarified with regard to Navigators and Assisters (not Agents) using telemarketing and/or e-mail marketing, you may not really know who is contacting you with regard to new health insurance.  

Licensed agents can be verified both with Covered California (if they are certified) and on the CA Dept of Insurance web site on the "Check License Status" tab at the top.  Navigators and non-agent Assisters will most likely be verifiable through Covered California (at least I would hope so).  

Also, the changes under ObamaCare have little direct impact on Medicare beneficiaries and, as such, anyone calling you about changes to Medicare due to the implementation of ObamaCare may be running a scam.  I can't stress enough how important it is and will be in October for each individual and family to decide, based on their own research, who they want to work with to purchase a new health insurance plan under ObamaCare.  

Some things to watch out for:

*If anyone calls you and says they are from "ObamaCare", be very suspicious.  

*If anyone contacts you and says you need to pay them money, or that they will get you an ObamaCare ID Card or that they need any of your personal/financial information, be very suspicious.

*If anyone contacts you and tells you that you need to buy an ObamaCare plan from them right now or you will be jailed because "it's the law now", hang up immediately.

*If anyone contacts you stating that they need your Medicare and personal information because "change is on the horizon" or something similar, be very suspicious

I am sure that there will be additional and more creative scams unleashed on California residents leading up to the October open enrollment and likely through the open enrollment.

The simplest way to avoid any potential scam is to decide who you want to help you with your health insurance coverage, be it Covered California, Private Market or Medicare Supplement/Advantage plan.  If you know who you are working with ahead of time, you won't be susceptible to any potential ObamaCare scams.

To quote the old Hill Street Blues TV show, "Let's be careful out there".



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