PCIP Shutting Down New Enrollments Early

The PCIP (Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program) will be closing new enrollments.

As directed by HHS yesterday, the federal PCIP will cease accepting new enrollments today (Saturday) for enrollment in the PCIP.  States have been directed to curtail enrollments as well for those states (like California) which run a state-based PCIP.  Many states are scheduled to cease new enrollments on march 2, 2013.

Update: California PCIP will close for new enrollments on Saturday, March 2, 2013.  See my blog post regarding California PCIP closing.  


The PCIP program was established in 2010 under ObamaCare to provide a temporary high risk pool for approximately 400,000 individuals nationally over the 4-year scheduled run.  It never enrolled more than 135,000 with approximately 100,000 still on the rolls.  

Even with that low mark, PCIP has run out of money and only has enough money left in the system to provide care for existing subscribers.  The US Government seeded the PCIP with $5 Billion to fund the 4-year operation.  What's left of that money is only enough to possibly cover those already enrolled.

PCIP was intended to run through December 31, 2013 and then shutter in favor of ObamaCare.



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