California PCIP To Suspend New Enrollments March 2, 2013

Following on the HHS directive closing new enrollments in federal PCIP 2/16, the California PCIP has announced that it will suspend further enrollments in the CA PCIP effective march 2, 2013.

This new enrollment suspension comes 9 months earlier than anticipated when the program was set up in 2010.  It was schedule to enroll through December, 2013.

CA PCIP enrolled the most of any state.  PCIP in total enrolled 135,000 nationally of which approximately 100,000 remain enrolled.  Cost for PCIP was $5 Billion.  Average cost per enrollee in the PCIP ran around $37,000 in benefits on a very small premium.

CA PCIP applicants after March 2 will be denied enrollment in PCIP and vetted for eligibility for the MRMIP (CA Major Risk Program).



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