VA And TRICARE Meet 'Obama Care' Requirements

According to a document released by the White House, both VA (Veteran's Administration) and TRICARE health coverage meet the 'individual responsibility requirement' to maintain qualified health insurance under the PPACA (Obama Care).

Those who are eligible for VA services and those who have TRICARE (myself included) coverage will not be required to change coverage nor purchase a new coverage plan from the California Health Benefits Exchange in 2014.  

Those eligible for VA services may also purchase a qualifying health plan (QHP) if they so desire, but are not required to purchase a plan.  

White House Memo on VA/TRICARE



  1. From what I gleaned from various sources today, Tricare payment rates to Drs is the same as Medicare rates. Therefore, Drs are more likely not to accept Tricare patients because of the low payments-cannot run at a loss.


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