State Decisions For Creation of Health Insurance Exchanges

As of December 14, 2012, 19 states, including California, have declared a state-based exchange for the PPACA.  The District of Columbia, while not technically a state, is included in this number.  7 states plan to run a partnership exchange (combined state/federal exchange) while 25 states (most recently Arizona) will default to the federal exchange and will not create nor set up a state exchange.

The California Health Benefits Exchange will be a state-run exchange and will go by the name 'Covered California'.

States may choose to set up their own exchange, run a partnership exchange with the federal government or do nothing and allow the federal government to run the exchange for that state.

The Kaiser Family Foundation web site has a list which is current as of 12/14/12.  Link below.

State Decisions For Creating A Health Insurance Exchange



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