Anthem Blue Cross IFP Rate Action 2/1/13

Anthem Blue Cross has announced a rate action from California individual & family health plans that will take effect on February 1, 2013.  This rate action does not effect HIPAA nor Conversion policies but does effect underwritten Blue Cross of California and Blue Cross Life & Health policies.

Anthem will begin sending notifications to effected members this month.  

For those who continue to be eligible for plan change options under either Serencsa or Feller-Freed (or both) and experience a rate increase, enrollment periods for this rate change will be made available for February 1 plan changes.



  1. Hi Dave, I hope you can help me out. I'm a little confused with this Serencsa settlement. If a person with pre-existing condition (such as cancer or diabetes) and transferred to a new plan thru this settlement, can Blue Cross deny coverage if this person needed medical treatment right away under this new plan that he just transferred to? some say yes, some say no. please help. Thanks!

  2. No, there is no imposition of a new waiting period for pre-existing conditions for changeover to new plans under Serencsa or Feller.

    1. thanks Dave! that's good news!


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