Naming the California Health Exchange

Please feel free to submit your idea for a name for the California Health Benefits Exchange in the comments below. It won't make it to Sacramento but should be fun nonetheless.

According to David Gorn at Californiahealthline, these are the current 'nominees" for the name of our upcoming health benefits exchange in California.

More Traditional:

*Covered California

Interesting Names:

*Healthifornia (A Better State of Healthcare)
*Eureka (Discover Affordable Healthcare)
*Avocado (A Uniquely California Approach to Affordable Healthcare)

Apparently 'Condor' has already been eliminated from contention due to it being being both a vulture and in peril of extinction.

Personally, I like Avocado the best. So you can put me down as an Avocado man!

I wonder if I should change my business to 'Condor Insurance Services' (smiley).


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