California Health Benefits Exchange - August Update

I decided to blog about the updates from the CA HBEX (Health Benefits Exchange) because I am sure that the public has curiosity and a lot of agents have contacted me for updates and information.

Some time ago I was advised to stop reading 3rd party materials and concentrate on information provided directly by the CA HBEX Board and Stakeholders. Best advice I have received regarding California Health Care Reform. I want to personally thank Mr. Peter Lee and the Board of the California HBEX for the remarkable transparency of information they provide. An agenda is provided for each board meeting which is available live via Webcast and also is later made available to re-watch via link. They even have live Twitter feeds ongoing during the meetings.

For the general public, the August Webcast won't have a ton of action items. The main items of interest (in my opinion) would be action items of Election of Chair, Exchange Bylaws and Qualified Health Plan Policies.

For health insurance agents in California there two critical action items moved to August from the July meeting. Item VII B will be the decision regarding Agent Payment Options for the Individual & Family Exchange. Item VIII B will be the decision regarding Agent Payment Options for the SHOP Small Business Exchange.

Current HBEX Board recommendations are for the health insurance companies to pay agents commission equally for plans sold inside and outside of the individual exchange.

Current HBEX Board recommendations for the SHOP Small Group Exchange to pay agents commission directly from the SHOP exchange and not from the insurance carriers. This would be very similar to the HIPC/PacAdvantage program from some years ago.

I have linked to the agenda below and suggest anyone interested to tune into the live Webcast on August 23rd.

HBEX August 23 Agenda


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