Anthem Blue Cross CA Issues MLR Refunds to Qualifying Medicare Supplement Members

Owing to lower-than-anticipated expenses on Medicare Supplement plans in 2011, Anthem Blue Cross (Blue Cross of California) has announced a MLR (Medical Loss Ratio) refund for certain qualifying subscribers on their Medicare Supplement plans.

Refund distributions will begin on August 13, 2012, on certain plans in California. Other effected states include Colorado, Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin.

* Refunds range from $8.00 to approximately $1,780.00
* Not all policies and not all members qualify for a refund
* Members on qualifying plans who were enrolled on 12/31/2011 may receive a refund
* Anthem cannot predict whether there will be refunds in future years. This specific refund is based on total claims experience of all Medicare Supplement policyholders of a particular policy or group of policies.

California Members who have questions about their California refund should contact Customer Service Toll-Free at 800-333-3883.



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