CA Insurance Commissioner Disapproves Blue Shield CA Plan Closures

California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones announced today that he has disapproved the announced health plan closures by Blue Shield Life & Health. See my previous blog "Blue Shield To Close and Replace Most Individual Health Plans in California" from April 17th.

The CDI (CA Dept of Insurance)originally disapproved the plan closures in March, 2012, and requested additional information be provided by Blue Shield by June. The CDI reviewed the information and sustained the disapproval of the plan closures citing a lack of size of the remaining open block for pooling so as not to create a "death spiral" with the closed block.

All of Blue Shield's new PPO plans are registered with the CA Dept of Managed Healthcare (DMHC) leaving only one PPO plan from Blue Shield Life & Health.

Additionally the Commissioner notes that one specific health plan, the Vital Shield 2900 PPO has insufficient provision for 20,000 members as it offers no plan transfer right without medical underwriting.

I have yet to receive anything from Blue Shield CA regarding this decision by the CDI and will advise as soon as I receive any information from them. Until then, the closed plans are not available to new health insurance purchasers in California.



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