Update: Anthem Blue Cross CA Closing Clear Protection Plus 1000 PPO

Anthem Blue Cross California has announced the options available to those who are currently members of the Clear Protection Plus 1000 PPO plan.

In my prior blog (CP Plus 1000 Closing) Anthem Blue Cross CA announced the closure of the plan on June 30, 2012. Today, Anthem provided clarification on the options available to those who are enrolled on the plan or those who will enroll before the end of the month. The options are as follows:

*Members currently on the Clear Protection Plus 1000 policy may remain on their policy and add family members to the policy subject to medical underwriting. They may do so until or unless they request a plan change via current underwriting procedures.

*Members may elect to change plans during a special open enrollment period from September 1, 2012 to September 30, 2012 with no medical underwriting. Clear Protection Plus 1000 members can move to the following plans during the open enrollment period:

*CoreGuard Plus 750 (06B6)
*CoreGuard Plus 1500 (06B7)
*Clear Protection Plus 3300 (06B4)

Any other plan changes besides the three plans above would require medical underwriting. The Clear Protection Plus 3300 (06B4) is currently a plan change option under the existing plan movement matrix.



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