Blue Shield CA Extends Medicare Supplement Special Enrollment Period

Blue Shield of California has announced the extension of their "special enrollment period" for Medicare Supplement plans in California to November 30, 2012. Previous end date was September 30, 2012.

The special enrollment period is basically a full-time "birthday rule". In California, those who are covered by Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Plan (Medi-Gap) (A-N) have the right, on their birthday, to move to any other insurance companies' like or lesser Medicare Supplement Plan with no medical underwriting. California is one of the few states that has a "birthday rule" in regard to Medi-Gap plans.

The current Blue Shield CA special enrollment period allows those covered by a Medicare Supplement with another insurer to move to a "like or lesser" Supplement plan with Blue Shield with no medical underwriting in any month, not just the month of your birthday.

Additionally Blue Shield CA has also extended the "new to Medicare" $20 per month discount for the first year. This discount for those who are new to Medicare (either turning 65 or enrolling in Part B for the first time) makes their Medi-Gap plans very competitive for that first year. With the California birthday rule, a person can change to another carrier should the rates increase after the discount and lower rates are available from another insurer in California.



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