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Anthem Blue Cross CA Closing Clear Protection Plus 1000 PPO

Anthem Blue Cross (Blue Cross of California) announced very late this afternoon (4:40 PM PST to be exact) the pending closure of the Clear Protection Plus 1000 PPO plan (06B3) effective July 1, 2012.

No reason for the closure was given with the announcement. I have a query in but don't expect an answer until after the holiday.

Current members may remain on the Clear Protection Plus 1000 plan or may elect to move to a new plan (choices not yet identified) during an upcoming open enrollment (also not specified).

This represents the second closure of a Clear Protection Plus plan in the last 60 days. The Clear Protection Plus 5000 PPO was closed May 1, 2012. This leaves only one Clear Protection Plus plan available to the public after July 1, the Clear Protection Plus 3300.


Blue Shield California Removes HIPAA 4000 HSA PPO

One of the more popular HIPAA guaranteed-issue plans over the last couple of years has been the HSA-compatible Spectrum Savings PPO 4000 with Blue Shield of California (Life & Health).

With the previously blogged closure of the majority of Blue Shield's PPO health plans (July Plan Closure Blog), including the 4000 Savings PPO, the plan has also been removed from the offerings for HIPAA.

As of today, it is my understanding that Blue Shield does not intend to replace the 4000 HSA PPO plan in the HIPAA portfolio and has no intention of offering any HSA-compatible PPO plan for HIPAA-eligible individuals & families. I was told that until and unless I hear otherwise, the HIPAA portfolio available from Blue Shield will be as follows:

*Access+ HMO
*Access+ Value HMO
*Spectrum PPO 5000
*Spectrum PPO 5500

These are also the four remaining underwritten individual & family plans that are not being closed to new enrollments July 1.

Both Blues (Blue Cross of California (Anthem) and Blue Sh…

California MRMIP: How To Get There From Here

I wanted to post about a relatively new enrollment process with regard to the California MRMIP (Major Risk Medical Insurance Program). Mainly I want to advise people interested in enrolling in MRMIP to be sure and submit paperwork well ahead of the desired start date.

Until recently, California residents wishing to enroll in the Major Risk Program (MRMIP) or the temporary PCIP (Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Program) could choose which program they wished to enroll into based on qualifications and eligibility requirements. At one time there was a separate application form and enrollment guide for each of the Risk programs.

Currently, the PCIP handles all enrollment processing for both PCIP and MRMIP in Folsom. Using the newer, unified application form, applicants must submit the paperwork first to PCIP for initial processing. Even if you choose the MRMIP and have no interest nor eligibility for PCIP, the PCIP folks must first determine that you are, in fact, not eligible for PC…

CA SB 1431 Update (May 21)

I just wanted to provide an update on CA SB 1431 which deals with self-insured group health plans. See my previous blog post:

California SB 1431 To Limit Self-Funded Small Group

California SB 1431 passed appropriations by a 4-2 vote on May 14th, 2012. On May 16th, a second reading was conducted and the bill was ordered to a a third reading which has not yet been scheduled.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates regarding the status of CA SB 1431 (De Leon).


InsureBlog: The Passing of a Legend

My friend and fellow agent Bob Vineyard said it as well as I could have. We lost a friend, agent, mentor, colleague and legend this month. RIP Frank Stastny.

InsureBlog: The Passing of a Legend


Aetna to Add IFP Maternity and Autism Benefits in California

Aetna announced to agents yesterday that they will be adding both the mandatory maternity benefit and the new autism benefit to their existing IFP (Individual & Family Plans) portfolio.

Last year Aetna closed IFP operations in Colorado due, in part, to mandatory maternity benefits. Many agents in California were waiting to see what action Aetna would take here.

In California, effective July 1, 2012, all individual & family health insurance plans must cover maternity benefits under SB 222 which was signed into law last fall.