Blue Shield CA To Close and Replace Most Individual Health Plans in California

Blue Shield of California has announced that they will soon close virtually all of their current individual & family health plans and replace those plans with a new portfolio of health plans. This change and plan closure will be effective 7/2/2012.

The following current Blue Shield CA individual & family health plans will be closed to new enrollments not later than July 2, 2012:

*Vital Shield 900 & 2900
*Vital Shield Plus 400/400 Generic, 900/900 Generic, 2900/2900 Generic
*Balance PPO 1000, 1700 & 2500
*Shield Savings HSA 1800, 3500, 4000 & 5200
*Active Start PPO 25/25 Generic & 35/35 Generic
*Essential PPO 1750, 3000 & 4500

The following 4 plans will remain open to new enrollment on and after July, 2012:

*Shield Spectrum 5500
*Shield Spectrum 5000
*Access+ HMO
*Access+ Value HMO

Closed plan choices will be replaced by a new portfolio of health plans for new enrollments beginning in July. The new individual & family portfolio will consist of the following plans in addition the the four remaining plans listed above:

*Shield Secure Plus PPO 2000, 4000 & 6000
*Shield Secure PPO 2000, 4000 & 6000
*Shield Wise PPO 2500, 3500 & 4500
*Shield Saver PPO 4000 & 6000 (HSA-compatible)

Plan benefit information and July rates will be available in the next few days. All of the new plans include the mandatory maternity benefit.

As of today, Blue Shield has not indicated a process for any plan transfer options for those who are currently enrolled or who will be enrolled in the closing portfolio of plans.

Those plans which are closing will have the maternity benefit (SB 222) added onto them for July 1, 2012.



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