Anthem Blue Cross CA to Shutter 4 Open Individual Health Plans

Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health of California has chosen today to initiate closure of four currently open, non-grandfathered Anthem Life & Health PPO plans. The plans which will be closed are:

*Clear Protection Plus 5000 (06B5)
*CoreGuard Plus 7500 (06BB)
*CoreGuard Plus 10000 (0ADX)
*Lumenos HSA 5000 w/Maternity(06BP)

Clear Protections Plus 5000 and CoreGuard 7500 & 10000, will close for new sales beginning on May 1, 2012. These plans will be closed to new enrollments but will not be discontinued. Those currently enrolled on these plans are free to remain on their policy and add family members through normal underwriting.

Members on the Clear Protection Plus 5000 and CoreGuard Plus 7500 & 10000 will also have an open enrollment period from May 1 to June 30, 2012 to move to another open plan without medical underwriting. Members may switch as follows:

*Clear Protection Plus 5000 can move to the Clear Protection Plus 3300
*CoreGuard Plus 7500 & 10000 can move to the CoreGuard Plus 5000

For Lumenos 5000 HSA with Maternity, it will be quite a bit different.

Effective March 30, 2012, Lumenos 5000 HSA (06BP) will be closed for new sales. In addition, as of July 1, 2012, Anthem will be discontinuing the Lumenos HSA 5000 plan (06BP). There are fewer than 500 members on this plan and members on the plan will be required to change coverage by June 30, 2012. An open enrollment period will be provided to members of this Lumenos plan.

Lumenos HSA 5000 affected plan members will have the following options for plan change:

*Plan members can move to any open Anthem Blue Cross Life & Health plan during the open enrollment. They may not move to a DMHC-registered product from Anthem Blue Cross of California and are excluded from transfer to the following (Share 3500, Share 5000, Share 7500, HMO, HMO Saver and Select HMO)

Any member on the Lumenos HSA 5000 who does not make an election for plan change during the open enrollment will be automatically enrolled as follows:

Individual - Lumenos HSA 4500
Families - Lumenos HSA 7500

Anthem notes that it is important to remember that all Anthem policies, including Lumenos HSA plans, will provide maternity coverage as of July 1, 2012 due to California SB 222 (mandatory maternity law).



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