Anthem Blue Cross CA May 1, 2012 Rate Change Update - Incorrect Rates

Anthem Blue Cross CA announced a rate change on individual & family plans effective May 1, 2012. Affected members received a notice of the rate change and new rate for 5/1.

Some Anthem Blue Cross members (but not all) received an insert indicating that the new May 1 rate quoted was incorrect and and would be lower than the rate quoted in the letter.

In fact, all rate increases sent out to all affected Anthem Blue Cross members show incorrect rates for May 1, 2012 and all rate increases will be lower than the rate increase that was quoted in the letter.

Anthem will be sending out new letters later this month which will indicate the corrected rate change for May 1.

This rate change includes age change which are no longer assessed on the birthday but instead at the annual rate change cycle.

Please be patient as no one including Anthem membership nor your agent currently has the corrected rates and we don't anticipate having correct rates until later in the month of March.

I should also mention that all online quoting services including Quotit and Norvax do NOT have the correct may 1 rates. All online quotes are currently using old rates and won't be updated until the full rate correction is provided.



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