HPV DNA Screening - A Request

I have a request I want to put out to California women. I am in need of information regarding health insurance medical underwriting of the HPV DNA Screening test.

I have received a few phone calls recently from women needing health insurance who told me that they were declined for individual coverage in California due to the results of the HPV DNA Screening test (indicates potential high risk HPV strains).

I have asked for underwriting clarification from both Anthem Blue Cross CA and Blue Shield of CA concerning how they underwrite this test result. Neither carrier has been able to give me an clear answer and they are asking for specific cases to review to determine how to answer the question.

This test is going to be included in women's expanded preventive benefits as directed by HHS starting August 1, 2012 and I expect it will become more common as a screening tool for HPV strains in the near future. As such, independent agents working directly with California women are pretty much in the dark on how to advise them concerning medical underwriting for individual health insurance.

So....I am asking any woman in California who has been denied individual health insurance by either Anthem Blue Cross (that would be the main carrier of interest) or Blue Shield of California due to the results of the HPV DNA test conducted by their ObGyn. I am particularly interested in denials or rate ups where there were no other risk factors in the underwriting except the HPV DNA test result.

Anyone who is willing to help your information will be kept highly confidential and will only be shared between myself and the denying insurance carrier to help get field underwriting criteria out to agents so that we may do a better job of advising.

If you have been subject to a rate up or denial due to the HPV DNA test result, and would like to help, please contact me via my web site, e-mail or by telephone. Your help would be greatly appreciated.



  1. This will be an intreasting study for the insurance industry. We will be watching to see how it tuns out.


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