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Wellpoint Partnering With Primary Care Physicians

WellPoint (parent company of Anthem Blue Cross), the second largest health insurer in the United States, has established an innovative, patient-centered primary care program that will increase the company's investment in the practices of primary care physicians (PCPs) and in the health of their patients.

WellPoint Press Release (1/27/12)

The program will be initiated in the 3rd quarter of 2012 with anticipation of 100% implementation in all WellPoint states (14) by 2014.

Participating physicians will be able to earn additional revenue in the following ways:

*General increase to the regular fees paid to physician practices for specific services.

*Payment for “non-visit” services currently not reimbursed, with an initial focus on compensation for preparing care plans for patients with multiple and complex conditions.

*Shared saving payments for quality outcomes and reduced medical costs.



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