Health Net CA Security Lapse Affects 1.9 Million

IBM, which manages Health Net's technology infrastructure, recently notified Health Net that it cannot find several computer hard drives. These drives store information on subscribers (past and current), employees and healthcare providers. The drives contain information related to approximately 1.9 million people.

Health Net has agreed to provide two years identity theft protection to those affected. You can get more information from Health Net by calling (855) 434-8081.

This is the second security lapse in the California health industry. Anthem Blue Cross had a breach which compromised some online information about a year ago. In both cases, the security breach was the fault of the third-party technology vendor, no the health insurer. Seems the people who are supposed to build and maintain the technology are lacking, at least in these two cases.

LA Times Article

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  1. SO glad I froze my credit a while back. I can still get hacked, but one less thing, etc.

  2. I think it is crazy how much secure data gets lots. When I was in the military we protected secure info at all costs then the same info gets lost by a guy in a suit who gets paid far too much money


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