Blue Shield CA Agrees To 60-Day Rate Hold On Individual Plans

Blue Shield of California (and Blue Shield Life & Health) announced this afternoon that the company will abide by the request of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones and hold the March 1, 2011 rate increase for 60 days so that the rates can be reviewed.

Late last week Blue Shield stated that they were satisfied with the rate increase and would not honor the request of the CA Insurance Commissioner.

For those with Blue Shield CA individual & family health plans who are not in your initial rate guarantee period, your rates will not be increasing on March 1 as projected.

Blue Shield will notify agents as to when, if and by how much the rate increase will actually go into effect.

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  1. I can't help but wonder if the carriers in CA decided to grow a pair how the commissioner would react. Can they be fined for not writing business?

  2. They are caught between a rock and hard place on writing business. Under the new law, if they don't write kids under 19, they can face a 5-year blackout. Writing only uninsurable children would worsen matters I would think. Plus, Anthem, Aetna and PCare alreay agreed to wait 60 days on any rate increases on IFP, which undoubtely put extra pressure on Blue Shield.


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