Health Net CA Blackout Coming Up

Health Net of California has announced a blackout for individual & family coverage plans (IFP) in a couple of weeks. The blackout will be lifted when the new PPACA-compliant plans are approved and available for January 1, 2011.

The blackout will occur on November 18th (online quoting), and the last day to submit applications for December 1, 2010 start dates will be November 22nd. Any applications received after 11/22 will not be processed.

Any application submitted on or before 11/22 that is not approved and enrolled by 12/10/10 will be cancelled and returned to the applicant.

Health Net CA will advise agents as to the progress of the PPACA-compliant plans and at what point applications and online quoting will be made available after the blackout.

This blackout does not effect HIPAA plans, only underwritten coverage plans.


  1. A progressive country should make sure that all their citizens have health insurance. That is really for the better.


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