Anthem Health Plan Blackout (California IFP)

Anthem Blue Cross of California has today suspended it's online application program for individual & family health plans. The application will be unavailable until approximately October 1. I will update when it becomes available.

For those seeking quotes for Blue Cross coverage plans (non-HIPAA), currently over 75% of the plan portfolio is not available for sale pending Dept of Insurance approval of plan designs and rate changes. The PlanFinder tool will still work via my web site ( however it is currently only quoting the DMHC registered plans that have been approved (the expensive plans). I will update as soon as I receive word as to the availability of the new DOI-registered PPO plans.

These plans are currently being changed to meet PPACA guidelines including elimination of lifetime caps and addition of no-cost preventive services.

Currently Anthem is pending approvals for the following plan portfolios:

-SmartSense PPO
-Clear Protection PPO
-Core Guard PPO
-Premier PPO
-Lumenos PPO (HIA and HSA)
-3500 HSA PPO plan

These represent the lower-cost and non-maternity plans in the California market.

Should you use the PlanFinder tool, you will only be able to view the HMO plans and the two Share PPO plans (3500/7500) at this time.


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