PPACA Update

It appears that Anthem Blue Cross and Health Net are planning to re-tool their individual and family plans products for 9/23.

Anthem will close online quoting for any plans with a start date of 9/23 or after on Saturday (8/14). Online quoting will resume once the plans are filed and approved.

Health Net CA is currently not quoting any plans with effective date of 10/1 or after. Probably a similar change-over.

Blue Shield CA has taken a different interpretation of PPACA. The law allows carriers to make the change-over on 9/23 OR at the next subsequent product renewal cycle. Blue Shield CA has its next cycle on Jan 1, 2011 and intends to hold off on all PPACA compliant plan changes until January. My understanding is that this will include the preventive benefits AND guaranteed-issue coverage for children 0-19.


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