Anthem Security Breach Update

Article from the Orange County Register indicating that more than 200,000 affected so far by the security breach of the Anthem Blue Cross Online Application Tracker.

Orange County Register Article

According to the article, the attorneys who breached the system have returned all of the improperly obtained private information to a custodian of the court system. I expect that means that everyone who was affected by the breach can be assured that their private information is now safeguarded.

For clarification to the majority of my clients, this security breach does not impact HIPAA applications (nor small group). The application tracker program allows applicants (and apparently others) for individual & family plans to view a PDF of the electronic application. This PDF file contains the full application information including PHI and financial information.

HIPAA applications, like other "paper" applications, are not rendered to PDF for viewing and list on agent services as "application not submitted online -- not available for viewing". They are also not eligible for the application tracker program even though an e-mail is generated indicating it's availability.


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