Temporary Risk Pool (California)

Just a quick update on one of the provisions of healthcare reform that goes into effect in September--the temporary risk pools for the uninsurable who have 6 months or more uninsured (and are uninsurable).

Each state was given the option to use a federal risk pool (HHS) or, if that state has its own risk pool, to use the state program and receive federal $$ for it ($5 Billion earmarked for these temporary risk pools).

While I assume California will likely us the California MRMIP program for eligible California residents, a decision has still not been made by the MRMIB (Major Risk Medical Insurance Board) in Sacramento.

I called them this week for an update and was told that they are still meeting about it and working through the myriad of implications for using MRMIP.

I will provide updates as they become available and as we get closer to the initial changes under the new Healthcare Reform law.

For more information on California's MRMIP health insurance risk program (and other state programs), visit my CalHealth page.


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