Health Insurance Reform - What To Expect

Happy Sunday to you all. I am watching the House vote and waiting for the final determination on the Health Insurance (Health Care) Reform Bill.

Since I have received many questions concerning changes I thought I'd quickly summarize here what to expect initially if/when this Bill is passed and signed into law today.

During the first year you can expect:

Pre-Existing Conditions - The Bill includes $5 billion in immediate support to provide temporary coverage to uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions. The money would help until the new health insurance exchanges are created in 2014.

Elimination of Benefit Caps - New policies sold will not have annual caps on benefits nor lifetime caps on benefits.

Children with Pre-Existing Conditions - Children with pre-existing health conditions will not be excluded from purchasing health insurance coverage.

Preventive Care - New insurance policies will be required to offer free preventive care benefits.

Small Business Tax Credit - A tax credit for small businesses up to 50% of premiums to help small businesses purchase health insurance.

Help for Seniors - $250 towards drug coverage in the "donut hole" to help pay for prescription drugs.

Appeals Process - An independent appeals process will be set up for those who feel that they were unfairly denied a claim by their insurance company.

Other changes take place in 2014 and beyond.


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