Cal-COBRA Subsidy Change?

I have the current word on the applicability of ARRA extension in regards to Cal-COBRA.

As it stands currently, the state of California has not amended the applicable law nor signed off on this change. If you remember, when the first ARRA came out, California had to amend existing law to allow for subsidy on Cal-COBRA.

Until such time as the state agrees to amend and sign off, there is NO extension of subsidy for Cal-COBRA to 15 months and no eligibility for subsidy for any beneficiaries going onto state continuation after 12/31/09.

I will update the blog if there are any changes forthcoming. In the meantime, it is 9 months subsidy with a sunset of Dec 31 2009.


  1. This has no effect in other states right? Because change is something inevitable.
    Drew@Sell Life Insurance


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