COBRA Subsidy Extended

HR 3326 was signed into law this week. The bill (actually a DOD bill) provides the following benefits to those going onto COBRA (or currently in their first 9 months of COBRA):

1. Subsidy on federal COBRA will be extended from 9 months to 15 months at 65% paid by the employer (no information yet on Cal-COBRA)

2. Subsidy qualification has been extended to 2/28/2010 and notification is required to anyone who exhausted the 9 months subsidy already (and is still within the 15 month window)

3. Extends unemployment benefits an additional 6 months


  1. Does anyone know the fastest way to learn of the Cal-COBRA subsidy being extended, if and when it ever is?

  2. See my blog today (1/7) concerning Cal-COBRA.

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