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AB 98 Update

Looks like AB 98, the mandatory maternity bill, is being shelved for the remainder of the year. I will be curious to see if it is resurrected in the future.


  1. California and the politicians can go straight to hell, and probably will.
    HealthNet received a letter of intent today, promising to jack my HIPPA/PPO individual premiums from $565 to $685 in 2009! about 19%

    I'm a confused 56 year old American.
    I lost my job due to my health and now I must pay $4,000 a year deductible plus $8,200 a year premiums= $12,200 year until someone hires me while I'm sick?

    PLUS, I have no income right now so I must take early distributions from my IRA to pay the HealthNet premiums and fund my HSA. This process has a 10% penalty plus I must pay full state and fed income taxes on the balance. This means it costs my IRA almost $20,000 a year to pay for my healthcare insurance.

    I worked my butt off and lived modestly to save my IRA nest egg but I see now I that should have lived better, worked less and saved less because the government is going to force me to pay for people who lived easy and irresponsible and can't afford insurance now. So out of "fairness" I'll have spent my life savings by the time I get to medicare age or whatever it is they promise to provide me but won't!
    The hard working savers like me get screwed.

    Bush, Obama and CONgress can KISS MY DYING ASS!

    America as we know is over folks!

  2. We won't have to worry about AB98. By the time it could come up again, ObamaCare will be the only insurance plan available.

    And I agree with Jeff about where the politicians can go.



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